School Library

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Dear Friends,

We are always welcoming new ideas and responding to them in a responsible and thoughtful manner! We are in a process of setting up a school library and we need some volunteers to make this possible. We need people who are able to scan or take photos of the books or DVDs front and back covers. If you have the ability to do so please get in touch with us on the following e-mail address:

Thank you in advance! We appreciate it!

Bulgarian School of Seattle - Administration


Fundraising Initiatives

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Bulgarian School of Seattle had launched several fundraising campaigns to support the school activities and operations. 

Use the links below to find out more.


SilverCup Coffee

This campaign is featuring the coffee and cappuccino blends of SilverCup Coffee. For those of you who enjoy coffee and cappuccino, every school Sunday at our school location you can taste a cup of coffee or cappuccino prepared for tasting by our volunteers. We serve 3 different blends of coffee – French Roast (Dark), House Blend (Medium) and Swiss Water (Decaffeinated). As well as 3 different blends of cappuccino – French Vanilla (with dominating milk as an ingredient), Turtle Sundae (with even ratios of milk and coffee) and Spicy ChaiTea (for exotic taste lovers).
Silver Cup Coffee ( is a coffee importer from Costa Rica with own roaster located at downtown Seattle. The company is a winner of awards for quality and boutique blends. The generosity of the company for fundraising campaigns is impressive – 50% of every bag of coffee or cappuccino sold is donated to the Bulgarian School of Seattle. You can purchase your coffee or cappuccino bags from a volunteer at the school or directly from our on-line store following the link below:…/bulgarian-cultural-club-in-seattle

Online Bazaar

Our “Spring bazaar” is moving on-line to reach all of you easier! We have a new section in our store for children’s t-shirts. All shown items are donated to the school by their creator, the Bulgarian designer Mihaela Zlatinova, and in most cases are only one each. You may visit our store following the link below

Shop With Scrip

In case you often shop at Target, Safeway, PCC, Albertson’s, HomeDepot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Starbucks and over 300 other store chains, restaurants, movie theaters and services (a complete list can be found below) you can participate in the donations given, between 5% and 15%, for each gift card sold through the service website Registration is free. You will only need the Bulgarian school of Seattle family access code:E591742746612. The ordered gift cards can be received from an administrative associate at the Bulgarian School of Seattle or in case of an “electronic” gift card via e-mail. This is a great way to achieve more with the money you have decided to use as a gift for someone, spend on a house project, food or entertainment without sacrificing on your family budget! Thank you for your participation! You can always reach an administration associate at the school with further questions or via e-mail at

Retailer List:…/Produ…/BrandAlphabeticalList


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The better we do expanding access to good quality education, the better we can create a faster growing and more sustainable school.

That’s why we are launching a partnership with that will be increasing educational opportunities for our students. The partnership has already provided full access to the company's educational database and video lessons. We’ve committed $$$ to explore the sort of learning experiences that are needed and will work to help our students grow.

So hold us accountable for our actions and our impact. That includes creating curriculum and courses, signing contracts, administrating assessments and initializing online educational services for our students. Our ultimate mission is to impact and support young people and their future. If we fail at that, we fail as a purpose-driven organization.

Bulgarian Language Teacher

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The Bulgarian School of Seattle is located in Redmond for students in Young Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. The School’s program satisfies the language requirements set by the Common Core of State Standards and the Bulgarian National Curriculum from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.

Bulgarian School of Seattle is currently seeking a Bulgarian language teacher. This position is in the Bulgarian Curriculum within a dual language environment. Subjects taught are Reading, Writing, Speaking, Social Emotional Learning Skills. Teachers are responsible for implementing the mission and philosophy of the School, as well as working in collaboration with their counterparts in the Bulgarian Curriculum. Working towards harmonization between the English Curriculum and the Bulgarian Curriculum is a priority.

Applicants should have prior K-12 grade level language teaching experience, a desire to be part of a outstanding community of teachers and learners and a willingness to adapt to the unique program at the Bulgarian School. Successful candidates will be passionate about working with students, have knowledge of current educational practices and strategies and be able to use flexible and innovative pedagogical techniques appropriate to a variety of learning styles.

Position begins on September 13th, 2015. How to apply?


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